Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bronze Ambition!!

I was in town yesterday and I popped into Poundland, I saw these two products, Bronze Ambition  Fake Don’t Bake which is a self tanner and Glow n Go, an instant tanner.  At such a bargain of £1 each, I thought I’d give it a go, if it’s rubbish, it doesn’t matter too much, it hardly broke the bank!

I’ve not tried the self tan yet as I’m having a spray tan done on Thurs, but the instant tanner is fantastic!!!! It is so much better than other similar products I’ve just such as the Rimmel one.

In the tube it looks ridiculously dark, like Marmite. When it’s applied it is so sheer, matte and shimmer free so just looks so natural. I love it! It smells delicious too, tropical like Pina Colada! I used it on my legs, arms and chest. It’s also suitable for the face, I’ve not tried that yet.
I love the colour. I will be buying lots more tubes!!
I have done my left leg here, you can only just see, this pic doesn't really do it justice.

I’m going to give the self tan a go in a week or so, I’ll let you know how to get on!


  1. Wow that's a great colour and for £1 it's amazing value! I'll wait until you review the self tan and if it's any good I shall go out and buy. Great review x

  2. Wow, what an amazing bargain!

  3. What a great find! I'll have to look for this stuff! Did it seem to streak or anything for you?

  4. Thanks for the comments girls, it really is great stuff. I didn't have high expectations being from Poundland, but it's great!!
    I had no streaks at all, I think because you can see exactly where its going it's unlikely you'll streak it!
    No matter how much I try, I always manage to streak my self tan, normally the back of my legs. This just looked really natural!! x x

  5. Looks fab :D I have seen this in my local pound shop too xx

  6. It is fab!! Go get yourself down town!! lol x x

  7. £1! BARGAIN ALERT! I am so getting myself some of that!
    Mel xxx

  8. I'll do the self tan review tomorrow!! Its so good!! Lol xx

  9. Hiii..did this wash off ok. im using it for a before and after shoot at the weekend but dont want to be orange at work on monday?!!