Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 20

I don’t think a girl can have too many pink lipsticks, I have so many shades of the ultimate girly colour. Although my absolute favourite at the moment is the Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 20. I was a little late in picking this up as it is part of the spring collection, but I just adore it.

It’s a beautiful hot pink, glides on effortlessly , super opaque, and lasts for around 3-4 hours due to its matte finish.

It’s not for the faint hearted, it is a very bright pink, but it will glam up any look and due to its blue undertone it makes the teeth look whiter! LOVE!!!

I love the formula of the Kate Moss Collection lippies, I own far! They feel so creamy , long lasting and smell delicious!

You can pick these up in Boots and Superdrug for £5.49!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Marilyn Monroe Inspired

After writing my Marilyn Monroe MAC post, I was totally inspired to have a play with my makeup.
The next evening was Date Night for Graeme and I as it was his Birthday. We were going out for dinner, just the two of us, so it was the perfect opportunity to glam up a little.

I know I’m not a patch on Marilyn but this is the best I could do!......


MAC Studio Fix NW20
Garnier Roll On Concealer in Fair
Famous Cosmetics No Shine Powder
No7 Limited Edition Bronzer
Famous Cosmetics First Date Blush in Penelope

Urban Decay Naked Palette Virgin, Half Baked and Toasted
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black
L’Oreal Million Lashes in Black

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection 01 Red


I tried to give my hair a slight vintage feel with big loose waves using the Babyliss Glamour Waves (RRP £19.99)


Dress - New Look £12 Sale
Clutch - Primark £6
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins £32

What do you think of this look? I love the red lipstick!

HD Brows....My First Experience

Last weekend was the first anniversary of Vanity Beauty Academy, owned by my very close friend Jo. All of my girlfriends were meeting at the salon, for a little celebration, champagne, cupcakes and pampering.

I decided to treat myself to a little pampering and have HD Brows done. This treatment, created by Nilam Patel involves 7 steps to help create ‘the perfect brow’. 

Defined brows are very popular with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, due to framing the face beautifully and making the overall look more groomed.

Google Images

I’d wanted to get this done for a while, I usually have my eyebrows waxed and tinted around every 8 weeks or so.  I don’t have unruly, bushy brows, and being fair if I have left them a while between waxing it’s not overly obvious. But I just love the look of precise, neat brows, so I couldn’t wait to get this done!

When I received the invitation for the salon open day, my eyebrows were starting to look a little straggly and untidy, so I figured it was a great time to try the treatment. Although after hearing a few horror stories about threading, one of the steps in this treatment, I was a little nervous!

After a quick catch up with my besties and a little glass of Champagne, Sare introduced herself and asked me to follow her to the treatment room.  She immediately put me at ease, asking me how dark I’d like to go, I explained I do like my brows fairly dark but being naturally fair, I don’t want unnaturally dark. Sare suggested a light brown mixed with grey for a slight ashy tone, she explained that my brows naturally have a good shape, but they could do with being slightly longer.

Sare started by tinting my brows, no Vasaline round my brows as you’d expect with a regular tinting. She tints the whole area, making the hair easier to see when threading. After removing the tint she waxed the straggly hairs under the brows and a very small amount between the brows as she’s encouraging me to grow the middle ends between the brows.  Next Sare started threading above the brow, creating a more defined arch.  This was the part I was most nervous about, but it didn’t hurt at all. Sare then tweezered out a couple of stray hairs before creating more shape by pencilling the brows. The treatment ended with a little aftercare advice and a cooling cream applied as I was a little red. The redness had reduced after a couple of hours, nothing a pair of sunglasses can’t cure in the meantime!

The whole treatment took around 30 minutes and cost £20.

I love the result, my eyebrows look so polished and they are the perfect, shape and shade for me. I already own the HD Brows Palette which I use to fill them in and define them further.

Sare also does Vintage inspired hair and makeup, with my love of 50’s Hollywood Glamour I can’t wait to book an appointment!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection Fall 2012

The MAC Marilyn Monroe collection will be hitting stores in October, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this!!

I adore 40-50s glamour, pale skin, the red lips, the fashion . So to me, Marilyn is the ultimate icon, the pinnacle of Hollywood Glamour.

Google Images

Google Images

So for my favourite Cosmetic brand to be paying tribute to such a beautiful star, by creating a whole collection is so exciting!!

Here’s a sneak peak at the collection!.......

Here is a brief description of what to expect in the collection, at the moment they are accurate but subject to change.


Pure Zen - Warm nude (Cremesheen)
Scarlet Ibis - Bright orange red (Matte)
Love Goddess - Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
Deeply Adored - Deep scarlet (Matte)
Charmed I'm Sure - Dark true red (Matte)

Phiff! - Sheer yellow peach
Little Rock - Soft sheer white with pearl

Lip Pencil
Beet - Vivid reddish-pink
Redd - Clearly red
Cherry - Vivid bright blue/red


How to Marry - Soft White (Veluxe Pearl)
Preferred Blonde - Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
Silver Screen - True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
Showgirl - Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)

Eye Kohl
Smolder - Intense black
Fascinating - Intense matte white

Penultimate Eye Liner
Rapidblack - Rich deep carbon black

Penultimate Brow Marker
Universal - Natural warm taupe-brown

Brow Finish

False Lashes
Extreme Black - Carbon black

Beauty Powder
Forever Marilyn - Sheer pale peach

Powder Blush
Legendary - Pale soft coral (Satin)
The Perfect Cheek - Neutral pink beige (Matte)

Nail Lacquer

Vintage Vamp - Rich deep retro wine (Cream)
Stage Red - Dark berry red (Cream)
Flaming Rose - True red (Cream)
Kid Orange - Coral (Cream)
Rich, Rich, Rich - Glittery gold (Pearl)

Eye Lashes
35 Lash - Dramatic lash with emphasis on the centre of the lash

I just adore the packaging, the beautiful image of Marilyn with her name signed in the red she's so famous for wearing on her lips!

I'm desperate to find the exact release date of this fabulous collection. As soon as it hits the stores I will be treating myself! 

What do you think? Will you be treating yourself in October?


Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Favourites

I haven’t done a monthly favourites on my YouTube channel for months, I’m not all that keen on making videos, I don’t like watching myself back and all I do is pick out my flaws, I may be deleting my channel. So I’ve decided that every month I will do a favourites post.

So here are my August Favourites!!...

Models Own Indian Ocean

Top L Indian Ocean, R No7 Violetta & IO
Bottom L MUA Frozen Yoghurt & IO, R 17 Mint Choc Chip & IO

I don’t think I’ve adored a nail polish quite like I do this one! Indian Ocean by Models Own is part of the Beetle Juice collection, it is just the most beautiful baby blue with the finest shimmering pink glitter running through it.
It is a little too sheer to use on its own, so much so I almost described it as a top coat, but the fact that this amazing polish transforms any nail colour is what makes it so special. Models Own polishes are only £5 and often 2 for £8 in Boots!

Vita Liberata Silken Chocolate Self Tan.

This is quite possibly the best self tan I have ever used, it give me the most beautiful natural colour. It’s tinted so you can see where you are applying it, the drying time is perfect, not too quick so you end up with patchy areas, but you’re not left damp and tacky, feeling like you have to run around the house naked!!

For me the medium colour is just perfect, it leaves a subtle golden glow on my skin. I apply it with my tanning mitt at bedtime, you can only smell the classic self tan/biscuits odour in the morning once the colour has developed, however while applying it has a delicate fragrance.
My only bugbear is the price, I got it on offer in Boots for £14.49, although it’s normally priced at £23. Although I will repurchase this again for the perfect tan!

Famous Cosmetics Spotlight Lipgloss

I have way too many lipglosses, I do have a little addiction going on, so of course I was very excited to be asked to try the new Spot Light Gloss. It’s a delicious shade of pinky peach with a subtle golden shimmer running through. The formula is fantastic, very opaque with a creamy feel, and a bargain at £4.99.
I’m also loving the light in the lid, helping me apply this on the go, on a crazy night on the town...........ok so that never happens these days!!

Barry M Lipgloss in Violet

This is another gloss I am loving at the moment, it’s super glossy, purple/pink with violet glitter and smells of bubblegum! Gorgeous! Available at Boots or check out for great prices and offers.

Barry M Waterproof Eyeliner in Bold Blue

I tend to opt for black or grey eyeliners but after seeing Tanya Burr's Olympic Makeup Tutorial with bright blue eyeliner, I was excited to try this. I wear a very natural colour on my lids such a Skimp by Urban Decay over my lids, then apply the bright blue liner on the base of my bottom lashes, I love the pop of colour it gives without being over the top for daytime. Being a waterproof line, it doesn't budge at all, so it’s staying power is fantastic, meaning no re applying through the day. Also available from Boots, Superdrug or

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!!