Thursday, 25 August 2011

KMS California Event

A few weeks back I went to the KMS California event. We were in the beautiful surroundings of the Hurlingham Club in Putney Bridge, I met up with the gorgeous Stacey from The HQ Of Beauty
We got a complimentary Mojito at the bar after being  greeted by the lovely Samantha, the in house PR manager for KMS California.

After a little mingle with other fab beauty bloggers we sat down for the presentation, where I learnt........

KMS California is turning 35 this year, to celebrate the products are being ‘Reloaded’ (relaunched) by the redesign of the packaging with fresh, funky, bright colours. The soft touch bottles feels high end and the colours have even been inspired by the catwalk. The Iceberg Blue from Marc Jacobs, the Pear Green from Vivienne Westwood and so on!
They are keeping their much loved products within the range as well as adding some new exciting ones!!

I was lucky enough to be given a fabulous goodie bag with these gorgeous products!

L - R

New  HAIRPLAY Dry Touch Up - £14.30
Instant conditioning on-the-go, simply use on dull hair to add shine and revive. Top Tip – perfect for reviving a lack-lustre fringe before a night out!

New!  FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray - £15.95
Unlimited heat styling without damage for styles that last until the next wash. Top Tip – use on hairbefore blow-drying to set your style with heat-activated technology

NEW! FREESHAPE quick blow dry, RRP £13.00
Speeds up drying time by up to 50% while protecting against heat damage. Top Tip – use your
usual products then spray quick blow dry as a last step before blow-drying

HAIRPLAY Molding Paste - £17.30
No. 1 worldwide bestseller within KMS range. Provides texture with a pliable hold. Top Tip
Reactivate your style at the end of the day, simply wet hands and reshape.

HAIRSTAY style boost, RRP £14.50
A primer for the hair. Boosts the performance of your styling products and helps your style last up to 3x longer! Top Tip – Use on its own to enhance natural texture and boost body.

I will do a separate review of these products once I’ve used them all!

After the presentation we had another Mojito and had a play in the photo booth which was a whole lot of fun!!

This fantastic range is hitting the shelves on 1st September 2011. Check out for the latest news, information and reviews!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

150 Giveaway......and the WINNER is.....

So today is the day I’m announcing the winner of my 150 Follower Giveaway!! Before I do so, I want to just say a little thank you to all my followers, thank you so much for your support, I hope you enjoy my blog!!

Everyone who entered got one entry, everyone who Tweeted got a second entry. All the entries we put into my gorgeous little Glossy Box and my beautiful daughter Poppy picked the winner. Getting her to sit while I took a picture of her with the winning ticket was not as easy!!!

So the winner is Tamsin, who also has her own blog  Little Glitter  .........Congratulations Lovely!!!

I have sent you an email so hopefully I can get your goodies sent to you asap!!
Thanks again everyone!!!

Emma x x x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

VIE Buff & Glow

I’ve been using VIE’s Bluff & Glow Daily Facial Scrub for a few weeks now and I’m loving it!! I’m using it in conjunction with my Liz Earle Polish & Cleanse, which I use at night and Buff & Glow in the mornings!
I love to use an exfoliator 2-3 times a week to rid my skin of all the dry dead skin cells and keep my skin looking fresh and bright, so I love that this is gentle enough to use every day.

I think the scent is Grapefruit which I’m not normally all that keen on but it’s quite delicate in this and not too over powering. It’s a lovely refreshing scent to be using in the morning!
RRP £11.50
My skin does feel lovely after using this, I think my skin is looking clear and brighter! It’s also quite a creamy texture so I feel like it’s nourishing too.
The only thing about the product I’m not keen on is the packaging, I do think it’s a bit basic. I know it doesn’t affect the product itself, but I am a sucker for pretty, attractive packaging. But maybe VIE rely on the great quality of their products and feel they don’t need fancy bottles, tubes, etc!  

What’s great about VIE is that you can go to VIE at Home parties, and test the products. The parties are great fun, get a bunch of girly friends together and have a play around with the make up and skincare! You can discuss your skincare routine and have mini makeovers!
To host a party and find your local consultant click here
If you’re in my neck of the woods, Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire,  take a look at Caron's VIE At Home Facebook page. I got the Buff & Glow through Caron, her product knowledge is fantastic

Monday, 15 August 2011

Miss Sporty Nail Polish

A couple of weeks back I was having a look round Superdrug when I saw these Miss Sporty Nail Polishes. I’d seen the brand before but I’d never purchased anything. Then I saw that the nail varnishes were 2 for £2.95. A bargain in anyone’s books, so I had to get some!! There was a fantastic range of colours, one that really caught my eye on the tester stand was China Glaze which is a green teal colour, but it was out of stock!!

So instead I picked up Blueberry and Turbo. Blueberry is a gorgeous Indigo kind of colour, it’s my favourite of the two, in some lights it looks blue in others it looks purple.
This was taken 2 days after applying.
When I first started applying Turbo I didn’t like it, It was dark outside so we had the lights on and my nails looked red and when buying it I thought it was pink. I kept it on thinking it might grow on me and it did as the next morning in the natural light it was indeed pink!

This was taken 4 days after applying.
Blueberry is a ‘Quick Dry’ formula and Turbo is ‘Lasting Colour’, however both of them lasted a week before chipping, which I think is fantastic!!! For a product so cheap I wasn’t expecting it to work as well as it does, I’m happy to say that I’m very impressed and I’ll be buying lots more at the quality and price.
Take a look here at the fabulous range of colours!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Hair Before & After!! Long Concave Bob

Today I went to the hairdressers, I wasn't going for my usual half head highlights and trim....oh no, I was going in for a complete restyle!!
After mentioning on my Facebook status yesterday I was having my hair done the next day, my comments went mad, all my friends commented on what I should have done! Most people saying I should have it chopped off.
My very close friend Becky suggested I go for a long concave bob. I trust her completely that she would want what's best for me and truly thought it would suit me, so that was it, I'd made up my mind!!

Before - awful pic!

Before - Not so awful

I have had my hair long since I was around 17, so over 10 years. My hair has always been my comfort blanket, literally actually as I play with it when I'm tired or down. Anyway I was trying to be metaphorical, in that if I'm having a fugly day I can pretty much rely on my hair to look OK. Until I started to realise it has no style, it hangs and it actually pretty damn boring! So after the comments and chatting to Mum, who thought it was a great idea, I was so excited. Until I mentioned it to Graeme, who loves my hair long! I was gutted by his reaction but I still really fancied a change!...

So today arrived, my appointment was at 12.30, I felt so nervous all morning, I couldn't eat (not a bad thing as I'm now on Slimming World). Although once I sat in the chair I felt surprisingly calm, Lindsey (the best hairdresser & good friend) worked her magic, chopping a good 6 inches, thining, layering! The entire time I was grinning, shocked at how much I loved what she was doing! I think I expected to leave the salon crying!!....


......Anyway I am so happy with the cut, I feel so fabulous, sophisticated. Then Leon, the very cool indie type male hairdresser, said it's very 'On trend', as quite a few celebs such as Fearne Cotton and Olivia Palermo have gone for the long bob recently!

Fearne - Google Images

Olivia - Google Images

What do you guys think? Do you like it??

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara......Update!

Ok guys, I've been using the Lash Architect a little longer and the more I use it, the less I'm liking it!!
It seems to have got clumpy after only using it for 2 weeks and this morning my lashes look spidery, not a good look!!

It's certainly not the worst mascara I've ever used, I just wont buy it again!!

I just thought I'd share this with you. let me know what you think of it!!