Friday, 4 May 2012

Super Smooth Tootsies?!

Ok so Spring has apparently sprung, although we have been more likely to have worn our wellies for the last couple of weeks but sometime soon (fingers crossed) the sun will show its happy face as Summer is on its way, so the sandals and flip flops will be making an appearance!
If you don’t take care of your feet all year round, which I am totally guilty of, this is the best time to do it!!

I do tend to neglect my feet in the colder months but as soon as the temperature rises I start taking better care of them!

Here are the products I’ve been using for the past few weeks...

Bomb Cosmetics Dr Foot Scrub with lemongrass essential oil - £7.99

This yummy scrub is super thick and grainy, which polishes those tootsies so well! It smells delicious and is super refreshing!! Your feet feel so moisturised and smooth due to containing essential oil and Shea Butter.

Emjoi Micro-Pedi £39.99

This gadget is fantastic, being battery operated, it does all the work for you! Before I got this, I did use the manual files, out of necessity! I don’t enjoy using them at all, for me it’s like scratching nails down a chalkboard and puts my teeth on edge!
The Emjoi Micro-Pedi files down that yucky hard skin so gently yet so effectively, using a rotating roller, you get two rollers to choose from, coarse and extra coarse.  It’s totally pain free, it just buffs away the rough dry skin leaving your skin feeling super soft!
Love this!
*PR Sample

Bomb Cosmetics Big Softee Body Lotion £7.99

I’m not overly keen on creams specifically for feet, they are often fragranced with Peppermint which I’m not really a fan of! So I use a rich body cream or lotion instead, at the moment I’m loving the Bomb Cosmetics Big Softee Body Lotion.
This contains ylang-ylang and also sandalwood which I don’t normally like as I find it too heavy, although in the lotion it’s gorgeous. The scent is so refreshing, it reminds me of Summer!

The lotion is so light and easily absorbed, you’re not waiting around for it to dry before getting dressed or walking on your carpet!

I bought both of the Bomb Cosmetics products at the Vitality Show, they were on offer for 2 for £10, I’ll keep my eye out on the website, if and when they have an offer on I’ll let you all know!

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  1. Although it does make a little bit of a worrying sound it is perfectly safe to use. If you push too hard on any area of the skin the roller slows down, or even stops, to make sure that you don't over exfoliate any areas. Emjoi Micro Pedi