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isme Styling Tips

Since having kids my body shape has changed completely, I never had the body of Cheryl Cole (sadly) but I was certainly smaller than I am now. I often use certain tricks to try to hide my lumps and bumps. Luckily the lovely people at isme contacted me with some great tips to help women like myself conceal problem areas. 

isme is online and catalogue shopping for clothing, homewear and electrical products. It's best known for it's ladies fashion,  it'sfronted by Lynda Bellingham and also sponsors Loose Women.

"At isme, we believe style changes with time. You see trends come and go, you learned about yourself and your style – and you just know what looks good. So we've created a new collection, just for the woman you are now.
It's everything you want!"

Here are the fabulous Tips isme have provided.....

Best Ways To Conceal A Large Tummy

Whilst we may all dream of having a six-pack like Jessica Ennis, chances are we are one of the millions desperately trying to conceal a stomach that we are less than happy with. The good news is that modern fashion enables ladies to cleverly disguise tummies that are anything but flat.
If the diet is not going too well, the sit-ups are starting to wear you down and that chocolate bar is calling out your name, then read these suggestions on how to conceal a large tummy with flattering fashion.

Long Top and Leggings
Winter is rapidly approaching, causing ladies with large stomachs to joyously reach for their leggings once more. Leggings are usually elasticised and can cunningly create a flattering look around the midriff. Wearing a pair of leggings with a stylish long sleeved top can easily knock a couple of sizes of your waistline and opting for control leggings will help keep any lumps and bumps in check.

What did plus-size women do before shapewear was invented? From control pants to vests and corsets, shapewear can almost  eliminate problem areas helping you appear slimmer in little more than an instant.
In fact shapewear has come a long way from the original ‘granny knickers’ of old and offer practical options which are as sexy as they are flattering. Placing these sexy pieces of lingerie, such as an all-in-one bodyshaper, slip or control pants under an outfit can mean that you step out with confidence with a smoother, slimmer silhouette.

Skirt Over the Problem
Similar to placing shapewear under an outfit to give a false allusion of slimness and a smoother tummy, wearing a skort (combination of a skirt and short) can be equally as deceiving. If you are off to sunnier climates some time soon and don’t think you’ll have time to achieve a Jessica Ennis stomach before you go, you can still look hot on the beach with the help of this fashion staple.
The shorts are typically on the tighter side, providing stability and helping to flatten problem areas, while a loose skirt is draped over them to hide any unwanted stomach rolls. This gives you a slimmer appearance whilst creating a feminine look which is both attractive and practical.

Things to Avoid
Lastly, remember that to hide a large stomach you need to avoid certain clothing styles. Anything which fits snugly round the tummy will obviously be a bad choice, as will tops with horizontal stripes as these make you look wider. Instead, opt for vertical stripes which draw the eye downwards and accentuate other assets to detract attention from your stomach. 

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