Thursday, 1 September 2011

Models Own Haul!

Yesterday morning I was very excited when the Postman knocked with a little package for me, I knew it was my order from Models Own. I had taken advantage of the 50% off sale (after they hit 50,000 likers on Facebook) and ordered these six nail polishes!

L-R Lilac Dream, Sophie's Pink, Prussian Blue, Top Turquoise, Purple Grey & Pink Fever

These are my favourite colours, the are totally different to what I usually go for. I'm normally happiest wearing hot pink, barbie pinks, raspberry pinks.........PINK! So I'm out of my comfort zone here, but I love them!! Also what I like about Prussian Blue is that it dries almost matt, which is new for me as I hadn't ventured into the matt nails yet! Nor have I tried smashed/cracked nails, but I won't be going there....I'm not a fan!!

I love Sophie's Pink - Surprise!! However Pink Fever (R) is my least favourite colour of the lot! The rest of the polishes are really pigmented, creamy and you could get away with one coat but with Pink Fever you need a good 3 coats and even that isn't perfect coverage! It's also perlised which I think can look a little dated, although it's ok for your toenails!

Unfortunately the sale is over now, but at £5 each they aren't exactly breaking the bank. Take a look at the Models Own website, there is some gorgeous stuff, they also do nail art pens, make up and brushes, everything is so reasonably priced!!


  1. nice colours can't wait for my orders :)

  2. Prussian blue and purple grey are my faves! :)

  3. Lovely colours hun, I love the pink, turquoise and purple. So jealous of your nails! xx

  4. Thanks girls, really happy with all the colours!! Wearing Top Turquoise today!! x x

  5. I'm so addicted to Models own, my boyfriend always laughs at me because he loves river island and obviously they're sold in there so he goes off to browse man stuff and I'm there like 'NAILVARNISSSH' ha-ha you chose some absolutely gorgeous shades lovely :) Sophies pink is just adorable! Lilac dream looks gorgeous too although because I'm so pale pale colours look strange on me (damn my hands ha-a!)

    Gorgeous blog can't wait to see more of your beauty finds! following you now :)


  6. Gorgeous polishes, I too bought some bits for their sale, love their products x

  7. These look so gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥