Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Name is Emma and I'm an ELFaholic!!.......

I was going to wait until I received all 3 of my ELF orders (yes all 3!!!!) to do a You Tube video.  But as soon as my first order came through the door, I just couldn’t wait to share my goodies with you!!

All 3 orders have been made in a week, crazy I know! Last weekend they had a 50% off sale, then later in the week they had no delivery charge and now as I’m typing this they have their very last 50% off sale!! I just couldn’t resist, especially if this would be the last time I could get such fantastic makeup items from 75p each! It would be rude not to, right??!!

So what did I get????.......

Complexion Perfection £3.50

I’ve wanted this for a while, after seeing so many great reviews! So its a powder made up of 4 colours.  Green counteracts redness, blue brightens yellow, sallow skin, the yellow neutralises blue tones in the skin such as dark undereye circles and the pink disguises greyness in the skin.

I love this, I use it in two ways. With a big powder brush I swirl all the colours together and use it to set my make up, then with my new Concealer Brush (£3.50), I blend the yellow and pink to create a peachy tone to set my undereye concealer. Both methods really brighten my skin!

Blush and Bronzer Compact £3.50

I really wanted this after Kate Dolly Bow Bow You Tube review on it! She said it was one of the best products she’d ever used! So I had to have it!!

So really it does exactly what it says on the It’s a blusher and bronzer. The blusher is a soft natural pink with a delicate shimmer and the bronzer is a soft tan, again with a slight shimmer to it. I already own a few bronzers but I’ll be using this for contouring to enhance my cheekbones!
I bought the Flat Top Powder Brush (£3.50) to do the contouring after seeing a tutorial with it. For me its a little too big for contouring, so I have ordered the Blushing, Bronzing, Blending Brush in my latest order!
L-Concealer Brush R-Flat Top Powder Brush

Tinted Moituriser SPF15 in Honey £1.50

OMG this is the most AMAZING tinted moisturiser I have ever used!!! It is the most perfect colour for me, my skin instantly looks bright, radiant and glowing!! I love it!! The only down side is that it’s tiny with only 12g, so I’ve ordered another 2!!!

Shimmering Facial Whip in Citrus £1.50

I have this in Pink Lemonade which is a beautiful colour. Citrus is more of a highlighter, it’s a soft bronze shimmer, where I’d used Pink Lemonade as a blusher as it’s deeper in colour!
The only trouble with these is the packaging, if you over twist the lid, the tube splits and the products oozes out!! This happened to my PL so I’m being extra careful with Citrus!

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry £1.50

L-Raspberry R-Citrus

This looks like a gloss, it feels like a good quality gloss but with the pigmentation of a lipstick. The colour is a really pretty reddy pink, it has a slight glossy texture but not at all sticky. Gorgeous!!

Eyebrow Treat & Tame in Medium £3.50

So this is a 2 in 1 eyebrow product. The Treat end is a vitamin infused clear gel to help the regrowth of your brows, the Tame end is a mascara wand with the chosen colour, which gives a nice natural look to the brows! I really like this product but it’s easy to make a bit of a mess as the brush is chunkier than my brows! Not tried the treat end long enough to see results!

Mineral Eyeliner in Ash £3.00
This is a gorgeous eyeliner, it’s so soft and glides on beautifully, love the grey colour too, not as harsh as some black liners I have!

So that’s my latest ELF box, I have another 2 coming, so I’ll keep you updated the those bits too. Once I have them all I will do a haul on my You Tube Channel.


  1. placing my order as I type, Ive had my eye on those facial whips for a while, will have to try a few now!
    If you are ever after more brushes I highly recommend the crease brush from the regular line.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your hauls!

  2. I love the flat top brush. One of my all time favorites :) Great picks!

  3. I managed to resist this weekends sale! I'm a bit of an addict too! The flat powder brush is also one of my favourites! <3 x

  4. Bugger! I missed this again! I was only looking the other day at ELF too, ahh well. You picked up some lovely bits! xx

  5. Oh god, I definitely filled my boots with their latest offer - I love seeing people's elf hauls because they are always so different to my own lol! Would love to try the Complexion Perfection now though!

    Steph x

  6. i love this elf haul and will be subscribing to your youtube channel, please follow me on my blog (and i will be doing videos as soon as i pluck up the courage) :) thanks xxx

  7. great review im glad im not the only elf-a-holic lol i think i have everything from the uk site
    pop over to my blog sometime it be nice to hear from you

  8. great review on elf-aholic, i think i am too. im building up quite a collection. definitely following your blog, if you could follow mine sometime itd be nice to read your posts and opinions x

  9. I just got my Elf orders as well and Im so excited about everything. I love their products :)

    Love Christine ♥

  10. I've actually never tried any elf products before! x

  11. Great buys! The Complexion Perfection thingy looks exciting! I have the tinted moisturiser but it's too light for me :(