Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Lauren's Way Press Launch! Pic Heavy!!

Ok, so I know event posts aren’t the coolest, but living in Cambridge I don’t get to go to many, so when I get to go to one like this, its super exciting to me!!!
Laurens Way tanning was launched earlier this year, but the brand has had a bit of a relaunch, it’s been repackaged and new products added, hence this launch!!
I met up with Stacey at Piccadilly Station, we then headed to the super stylish Jewel Bar where the event was taking place. We met up with Laura Natalie and Charli.

We got our drinks, had a good look at the products that were dotted around. So I had a look at the hair extensions, lashes and the tanning products, I’m a Laurens Way virgin so I was very excited to take a look!

We then spotted Lauren who looked stunning, better in the flesh. The press are rotten, she is gorgeous, and really slim! She looked fab in a beautiful Lipsy dress. We then had our photos taken with her, she is very sweet, I don’t think the show does her justice. I was expecting her to be offish, but she was actually lovely, happy to pose for photos and chat!

We then met Nev, Lauren’s business partner! What a cool guy, very funny! Pretty hot too!! Lol! I then mingled a bit more where I saw the lovely Zoe and Karla Powell, I then got to meet the very glamorous Ree , who I was excited about meeting as we Tweet quite a bit and I love her blog!

Later, we sat in a booth and had such a giggle, I even had a cheeky hug with Tony Mortimer!!! Legend!!

As we left we were given goodie bags! Very excited to try the range out!! I will be reviewing the products very soon!!

Thanks you Lauren and the Lauren’s way team for a fabulous night!!!!


  1. Looks like you had a fab night! xx

  2. Gosh sounds amazing!
    I havent bothered with any of the Laurens way stuf...maybe I should! look forward to reading reveiws!


  3. Was lovely to see you last night babe. I'll keep your cardi for next time I see you! The drink must have kept you warm! haha. xxx

  4. oooh this looks exciting! cant wait to see reviews :) hope you had a good night xxx

  5. What was Tony Mortimer doing there anyway!? Is his missus involved somehow?