Monday, 28 November 2011

Laurens Way Self Tan Mousse Review

I’m a fake tan lover, I’ve tried so many, gels, lotions, sprays and mousses, all different brands, drugstore and high end! I can honestly say I think I have found the best yet!

However I didn’t have high hopes initially as I’m not normally keen on Celebrities slapping their name on a product and it selling for that reason alone, regardless of the quality! I tend to think it could be poor quality, with a high price due to the name attached.

So when Lauren Goodger from The Only Way Is Essex launched her own range of tanning products, I was pretty sceptical, I hadn’t felt the urge to order it as I’m also a fan of St Mortiz mousse and it’s super cheap price of £2.99, and I thought how can something which is gonna be pretty similar, but 5 times the price be worth it!!
Then at the beginning of the month I attended the Lauren's Way press launch, where I got to meet Lauren and Nev, her business partner. We got chatting to Nev and he told us that Lauren actually has a lot of input into the product line, which now includes lashes and hair extensions, and soon makeup!!

At the event we were lucky enough to receive a goodie bag, inside was a Lauren’s Way Mousse, an Instant tan, a set of Laurens Lashes and a tanning mit!

I knew I wanted to try the mousse to compare it to the super cheap St Moriz. I instantly saw a huge difference in the products. Lauren’s Way mousse is a beautiful, very natural golden colour, tinted, so when being applied so you can see the colour instantly, it doesn’t have the green tint you initially get when applying St Mortiz. It somehow, despite not being a lotion, feels almost moisturising when you’re applying it, maybe not quite moisturising but less drying on the skin than St Mortiz

 Amazingly there isn’t an overwhelming stench of curry and biscuits in the air or on the skin after, there was a very subtle hint the next morning, but I don’t believe a self tan will ever be smell free!!
The colour I had in the morning was so natural looking, a really beautiful healthy golden tone, not at all orange. I’m naturally very pale, but I feel I could get away with two applications!!

So as you can tell I am very impressed with the mousse, I think I’ll give the lotion a try when this runs out.
The Lauren’s Way range is available here, the mousse is priced £17.95.

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  1. Lovely post hun, I've been meaning to do mine for a while now too, need to sit down and do it this weekend. Gorgeous colour isn't it and it doesn't stain the sheets xxxx

  2. What does it wear off like? Patchy? GL x