Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lush Storage!!!

For my Birthday and Christmas I received quite a bit of Lush, I love the stuff so I was super happy!!
However, I find if you keep the bath bombs and bubble bars in the paper bags or gift boxes, the moisture can get to them and they can go a little icky!
One option could be to use them up quickly, but I like to savour my delicious smelling bits and bobs and not use them all up for the sake of it! I like to use them when I have a good 30 mins to an hour in the bath, that’s only the weekends for me really!!

So to keep them lovely and fresh I bought this cute glass jar for £3.49. I got mine from a local store which sells just about anything, it’s not a chain, but I’m sure you can get these from places like The Range, Wilkinsons, Ikea, etc!

I chopped up my bubble bars, most into quarters so I can get 4 baths out of each one, then packed them all into the jar.
I have it sitting on the windowsill in the bathroom. As well as being functional it also looks really pretty! I have kept the soaps and bottles in the polka dot gift box I got from my aunty so you can still smell them in the bathroom and even the hallway!!! Lovely!!!



  1. ooh thats such a good idea! love the yankee candle by the bath too! hope you had a good christmas and happy new year xxxx

  2. Ooh Lush! Always want to buy the whole shop ha-ha. How gorgeous do they look in that jar?! Great idea there hun!


  3. Such a good idea, thank you! :) my house is also resembling a lush shop right now haha it's everywhere! xxx

  4. I love storage jars, I'm a bit of a nerd about storage lol. Really lovely blog

  5. This is such a great idea, I'm always struggling to find places to store my Lush stuff as I have so much of it so will now be looking out for jars like this xxx

  6. Great idea hun, you mentioned this in a video, I was waiting to see what it looked like xxx

  7. oooh good storage idea, I love lush but those bags they come in just aren't practical in the long run. x

  8. Great storage idea! Very convenient.

  9. Such a great idea! I have run out of lush products. Need to go get some more so bad...


  10. That is such a great idea doll! If I had baths (don't worry I shower!) Then I would totally do this! It also looks super cute I bet on the side :-)

  11. Its great, a month on and its still half full, and all the bits are in tact!!
    It defo needs a Valentines top up though!!
    x x x

  12. You've inspired me as to how i should store lush items - you've got me thinking lol.

    great blog xxx

    check mine at

    1. Haha, it is a great way to store the lush! Looks so pretty too!

      I've seen similar jars in The Range and TKMaxx! xx