Monday, 30 January 2012

Going RED!!

Ok I've taken the plunge, I've booked my appointment for this go RED!!
I'm a natural redhead but I've had my hair highlighted for 15 years, over half my life!!

Since having my baby daughter Poppy and seeing how stunning her hair is, this has prompted me. Also my beautiful friend and fellow blogger Laura is an absolute fox who totally embraces her natural fiery colour.

I know dying my hair, to be my natural colour may seem strange, but I simply cannot bare to have huge roots. So in the mean time, I'll have it professionally done while I'm growing it out. Avoiding the chavy look!!


I was bullied at school for being a redhead, constantly being called ginga, carrot top, fag end. These names sound pretty harmless but when you hear it almost everyday, its hurtful! So this was probably what drove me to go blonde. But after years of having highlights, it just, I have the ditzy personality that comes with being blonde!! Lol!

Although I now feel I need a change, with so many years of being bleached my
hair is looking and feeling dry. Ariel is my hair inspiration, one day I want long flowing red hair!!!!!

Google Images

......One day!!


  1. Very brave of you but I think it'll look great :D I have been thinking about going an light auburn colour. x

  2. i would love to have ginger hair! you should definitely go for it, Ariel is the ultimate hottie! x

  3. Ooooh id love to have red hair, I swap my hair colour allot but ive not been brave enough for the red yet, simply because I know it will be a fad for me and Ive heard its super hard to get out your hair. I think because you have been blonde for so long it will be a big change for you but I think you will look fab. Cant wait to see it x x

  4. very happy for you! i used to dye my hair an auburn colour.. loved it! have been red red too, not quite rhianna
    is good when you finally become happy with yourself.. :)
    look forward to the outcome. :)

  5. omg your exactly like me except I refused to dye my hair for people who didnt like it. hope you love it when your back a redhead :) xxx

  6. Cant wait to see the finished result hun! I loved being a red head and with your colourings and complexion it will look gorgeous:) Mel xx

  7. I love natural red hair. I think it is stunning and unique! I'm so happy that you are going back to your natural color! I can't what to see the outcome!

  8. Ooooh so excited to see it!! Update this post or do a new one so we can see it lovely xxxx

  9. Your little girl is so gorgeous! I think it's brilliant that you're going back to your natural colour - can't wait to see the results! :D
    Nic x