Saturday, 28 April 2012

Adee Phelan Haircare Product Launch!

Does anyone remember The Salon? It was a reality show aired in 2003-2004, based around, you’ve guessed it.....a salon! There were some 'out there' characters, Ricardo, cute Leo and even Ozzy Osbourne’s nephew Terry, but one of the more colourful hairdressers was Adee Phelan , with his shaved head, tattoos and out spoken personality he certainly stood out.

He then made it big by creating one of David Beckham's iconic hairstyles!

So the guy has done pretty well for himself, with two of his own salons, in Covent Garden and Birmingham and salons opening in New York and Vegas.

He has now launched his own hair care range. The range consists of styling products named ‘Fabulous’, including Extravagant Mousse, Sexy Styling Spray, Opulent Dry Shampoo and the Essential Everything Spray. Shampoos and Conditioners are of course featured. Prices for this are between £5-£6 in Boots.

The really exciting addition is the Hair Colour Remover, this removes permanent and semi permanent hair colour by reversing the colour process, without containing ammonia or bleach, sounds crazy, I know but check out here  for more details!

It also removes colour build up as well as build up from styling products. It contains extract of pearl to help straighten the hair. Check out Adee’s video demonstrations here. You can pick this up in Boots for £14.99, a great price for such an effective product!

I was invited to attend the hair care product launch, which took place Friday night at Sugar Hut in Essex where Adee is originally from.

I got to have a chat to Adee regarding his new range which he is very proud of, and so he should be, it’s flying off the shelves in Boots.

I remember Adee being a bit of a hothead on The Salon so I was a little apprehensive at the thought of meeting him, but he was a really lovely guy, very happy to chat and made me feel very welcome and comfortable at his launch......although that could have been down to the free Champagne!!

The night itself was fabulous, we were taken to a VIP room at Sugar Hut, I was greeted by Bobbie the gorgeous PR girl for the haircare range, Adee and even Sugar Hut Daddy Mick Norcross stopped to chat!

I have to boast a little bit here as I was the only blogger chosen to go, this is a massive thing for me, being a relatively small blogger, and for Adee and his team to pick me over many amazing blogs is an honour!
I attended the event with my friend Lisa who had actually had her hair cut by Adee back in 2003 on The Salon, they chatted and he remembered her!

On leaving Adee handed us goodies bags with some gorgeous products to try. I will be reviewing these products soon.

Go Adee!!!!


  1. i looovvveevev him looks loike you had a fab time

  2. Great write-up, I'm jealous that I wasn't there!

    1. Haha thanks Dane, it was a lot of fun! x