Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy 1st Birthday To My Little Blog!!

On this date a year a go, I sat at my dining table on my laptop looking for new beauty bloggers to follow. I'd been a massive fan of Laura aka Lollipop26 and had been so disappointed she was no longer blogging or making YouTube videos. 

While searching, I suddenly thought I could create my own blog, it all went from there. My Mum has always called me Flossie, so the name for my blog was an easy and quick decision.
I've always loved reading product reviews and thought I could give it a go, so as soon as the blog was set up, I ran upstairs to my bedroom, picked a few of my favourite products I'd been using and started to write!!

Although I don't get to post as often as I'd like, blogging is addictive and I get a buzz everytime I click 'Publish'!

The last year has been crazy, I've been to some amazing events, met some lovely people, and made some really special friends, some I'd consider lifelong friends.

Thank you so much to all my followers, thank you for all your support and comments, they really mean a lot to me!

Happy 1st Birthday
Flossie's Beauty Love!!!


  1. Happy Birthday !!!! I love your blog Emma looking forward to many more years :o)

  2. Your blog looks different haha i like it ! <3

  3. Happy your fab blog. xx

  4. Aww... Happy Birthday! I'm very glad you set up your blog as we got to become friends!! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! xoxox

  5. Ahhh Happy Birthday for yesterday! Time flies doesn't it. I'm glad you set it up because I met you! See you for tea and cake tomorrow!! xxx

  6. I thought you had been blogging a lot longer, happy birthday and congrats, I'm a fan on your you tube channel too :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to your blog!

    I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award, please check my blog for the details


  8. Happy Blog birthday! So glad i met you xx

  9. Thank you everyone, it's been lots of fun!! xxx