Wednesday, 18 May 2011

MoroccanOil Review & Cheaper Alternatives!!

Right it’s about time for an update, Ok so MoroccanOil, I’m afraid I’m not a lover!! Yes, my hair feels soft after using it, but just as it does after using a deep conditioner or John Frieda’s Frizz- Ease! Yes, it smells yummy, but that only lasts while my hair is wet! It claims to cut drying time in half, this would have been ideal for me as my hair is long and thick so it’s a right mission to dry.....but nope, I didn’t notice a difference! I have highlights every 8 weeks and I straighten my hair almost every day, so maybe I just have very dry hair and need to be using it for longer to feel the full benefit, but I’ve been using it for a month now and I’ve almost finished the teeny weeny bottle!  It’s a nice product but at £9.99 for 25mls that’s an expensive ‘nice’!!

A friend of mine recommended it to me, it works for her and I’ve read rave reviews, but my conclusion is that I get the same result from products that are a fraction of the price!
These are two products I love.....
I bought this Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Intensive Mask, I love it!! I always have a deep conditioner in my bathroom, so I’ve tried lots. But I was pleasantly surprised with this, it’s not  a shampoo/conditioner brand I normally go for, but it was on offer in Tescos a couple of weeks back, I think I got it for £1.96 (RRP £4), so I thought I’d give it a go!!  It’s gorgeous, it smells delish, it apparently has pear and silk extracts, not sure if that’s what I smell but its yummy anyway! It says you should leave it in for 5 mins but I always leave deep conditioners in for about 15 mins, not sure if this makes any difference but I like to anyway. My hair feels super silky after, I highly recommend this one!!

I’m sure everyone has heard of John Frieda’s frizz-Ease but for those who haven’t, it’s fantastic. My hair is.....well I like to say curly, but it’s not, it’s frizzy, so this is perfect for me. I put about a 10p amount into damp hair, comb through, then I just rough dry (as I’m useless at blowdrying), then run the straightners through it. It tames my hair beautifully and feels lovely and soft, if I didn’t put anything in my hair, it would straighten fully and would end up frizzing up through the day! It’s normally around £5.50 for 50ml, so a great price!!
So if you have tricky, kinky hair give these two a go!!


  1. I usually do love Moroccan Oil but like you find it a bit on the expensive side (or just crazy expensive!) BUT you've just sold me on the two above :) Def going to give both a shot. Also I re-found a Cosmo beauty awards supplement the other day & they highly recommended a John Frieda product called 3 Day Straight Spray (£6.99) which is meant to be amazing - just incase you fancied trying it! Me and my tricky/kinky hair thank you :) xxx

  2. Oh yeah, I was thinking of giving that a go, It'd be nice not to have to run the straighteners through my hair everyday!!
    Haha I'm glad I've helped out with the tricky/kinky hair!! that conditioner is gorgeous!!x x x