Friday, 6 May 2011

A Not So Sucessful Shopping Trip!!

This morning I thought I’d take a cheeky look around my local town while my Teddy was at school for the morning. I specifically went to pick up a great little offer I saw in OK magazine yesterday. Impulse are teaming up with Barry M and doing limited edition packs of body spray and a full size lip gloss for £3 (worth £6)!! However the Boots near me is quite small so didn’t have them, I was a little gutted, but the offer is available in Tescos and Superdrug too from the 11/5/11 – 7/6/11! Larger stores of Boots have the offer available now until the 17th of this month!!  There are 3 to choose from, Into Glamour which comes with a Clear Sparkle gloss, Tease with a Nearly Nude gloss and Very Pink which comes with a Pale Pink gloss!! Take a wild guess which is my favourite!! Lol!! So get your glam butts to the shops, come out smelling sweet with luscious lips!!
I then had to have a look in Superdrug, I went in there looking for Sleek make up but they didn’t have it, but OMG I found myself on the Famous By Sue Moxley stand!!! They eyeshadow palettes are to die for!!! I really had to pull out the willpower on this one, the whole range is really reasonable but I think my husband will cancel the joint account if I buy any more make up!!
Anyway, I’ll tell you a bit about it anyway.  Sue Moxley is a British television presenter, fashion model, beauty editor and celebrity Makeup Artist, (she’s also married to David Van Day, which has taken the coolness off this a bit!) who created her own make up line for Superdrug in November 2007, I really don’t know how I missed that!! Anyway, prices range from around £4 for Lip glosses to £12 for complete palettes! I fell in love with an eyeshadow palette Cafe Culture, it has 4 beautiful shimmery colours, a subtle creamy gold, a deep chocolate brown, a taupe and I think a khaki. I’m going from memory here so I might be slightly out. The quality was amazing, the eyeshadow was so highly pigmented, it just glided on perfectly, the colour was so strong, I was very impressed! At £9 not a bad price too, I really wish I’d got it now, especially as it was 3 for 2 too! I think there was another four eyeshadow palettes in the range! I wasn’t as impressed with the range of lipstick and glosses, the polishes looked alright, they did have some lovely pearlised blushers though.
 Ah man I really want that palette!!


  1. I'm sure its Tease that smells a tad like o2 used to back when we were at school! I may be mistaken, but it was definately one that i have used recently. Both Boots in Stevenage had the promotion on with the Barry M but stock is going fast!!!

  2. Ok, I'll have another smelling sesh! Lol. There's that massive Tescos near me, so I'll grab one there next week hopefully! Might get that and Very pink too!! x x