Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Hair Before & After!! Long Concave Bob

Today I went to the hairdressers, I wasn't going for my usual half head highlights and trim....oh no, I was going in for a complete restyle!!
After mentioning on my Facebook status yesterday I was having my hair done the next day, my comments went mad, all my friends commented on what I should have done! Most people saying I should have it chopped off.
My very close friend Becky suggested I go for a long concave bob. I trust her completely that she would want what's best for me and truly thought it would suit me, so that was it, I'd made up my mind!!

Before - awful pic!

Before - Not so awful

I have had my hair long since I was around 17, so over 10 years. My hair has always been my comfort blanket, literally actually as I play with it when I'm tired or down. Anyway I was trying to be metaphorical, in that if I'm having a fugly day I can pretty much rely on my hair to look OK. Until I started to realise it has no style, it hangs and it actually pretty damn boring! So after the comments and chatting to Mum, who thought it was a great idea, I was so excited. Until I mentioned it to Graeme, who loves my hair long! I was gutted by his reaction but I still really fancied a change!...

So today arrived, my appointment was at 12.30, I felt so nervous all morning, I couldn't eat (not a bad thing as I'm now on Slimming World). Although once I sat in the chair I felt surprisingly calm, Lindsey (the best hairdresser & good friend) worked her magic, chopping a good 6 inches, thining, layering! The entire time I was grinning, shocked at how much I loved what she was doing! I think I expected to leave the salon crying!!....


......Anyway I am so happy with the cut, I feel so fabulous, sophisticated. Then Leon, the very cool indie type male hairdresser, said it's very 'On trend', as quite a few celebs such as Fearne Cotton and Olivia Palermo have gone for the long bob recently!

Fearne - Google Images

Olivia - Google Images

What do you guys think? Do you like it??


  1. Love it! I think you made a fantastic decision hun xxx

  2. Looks fun & fresh!!! Love it!

  3. Looks fab! You look really pretty xx

  4. Oh my gosh it looks amazing! It suits you so much! It's slightly shorter than mine at the moment. I used to have really long hair all the way down my back and went for the chop this year and I love it! Gorgeous! x

  5. Really, really like it! Your hair is a beautiful colour too.
    Light & summery x

  6. Ouu its so voluminous! I loved your long hair, but you do look very insta stylish with this cut!! :D :)

  7. Thanks girls, I'm so happy with it!! I knew I needed a change but I was so nervous, but very happy with the outcome!! Yay!! x x

  8. I think you look fabulous, love the new look! xx

  9. Love it! It looks really trendy, sometimes it good to have a lot cut off. What did your fella think of it? Did he like it? xx

  10. Thanks girls!! Yeah he loves it, when I said I wanted to go shorter he wasn't keen on the idea, but he says he really likes it! Thank God!! Lol x x

  11. Wwww I love it, looks fab! my hair is about the same length but looks awful, been wondering what to do with it, thanks for the inspo! xox