Friday, 16 March 2012

Spa By Car...It's Me Me Me Time

I love a good pamper and sitting in a beautiful, relaxing salon. However with 2 children, this isn’t always possible. So in the past I’ve used mobile therapists for the odd treatment.
So I was really excited when I was contacted by a new Company called Spa By Car , to try out their services.

Spa By Car are a mobile beauty company created in November 2011, they offer over 50 different beauty and spa treatments in and around London.
Spa By Car is the brain child of Jodie , a fully trained beauty therapist, who had worked in salons, large fashion campaigns and been a mobile therapist herself.

Jodie had seen first hand, while working with agencies that treatments weren’t being done at a high level and clients being squeezed in to fit as many treatments in to the day as possible.

Jodie wanted something different for her clients, a relaxed environment and to deliver the best possible treatment experience. So she did just that, her client base grew through word of mouth and so did the business, that’s when business partner Lauren got involved and Spa By Bar took off. So expect to see the girls and their therapists whizzing around London in their sign written Smart cars!!

Back to the treatments........
......I requested an Artistic Colour Gloss Manicure and a Spray Tan.

So on Thurs the Lovely Bernice arrived bang on 11.30 as planned with a lovely big smile, bags of enthusiasm and a very professional attitude.

She set up her work station in the dining room, which took around 5 minutes. We then sat down and began the first treatment.

A manicure can be a fun, chatty experience, unless you’re stuck face to face with someone who doesn’t speak to you for the whole hour, luckily Bernice was great and we chatted like we’d already met!

I have had an Artistic colour manicure before, check out my post here. . It’s a gel based manicure which can last up to 3 weeks!

Bernice showed me the colour selection which was pretty good, I chose ‘Royalty’ an Inky Blue/Indigo kind of colour!

The treatment took around 45-50 mins and the result was fantastic, a week on and my nails are still super shiny and chip free, Bernice’s application was great, my nails look perfect!!

So after the nails, Bernice set up the tanning tent in the bathroom upstairs, this took around 10 minutes. She supplied the hair net and the sexy paper thong!!
Applied barrier cream to my elbows, knees, ankles, fingers, palm of my hands and lastly the soles of my feet, which I’ve never had done before but totally made sense!!

Before we went began, we had discussed what sort of shade I like to go. Being very fair I like to be a good colour but not too dark, I have found in the past especially with Fake Bake that the light is ok but doesn’t always show up that well despite my pale skin and the dark can go patchy and unnatural quickly. So Bernice suggested mixing the two colours, seeing how the colour looks and having another layer if needed. That’s never been an option before, but the colour was perfect!!!!!

We decided for the two coats in the end. Again Bernice was very professional, I’m not keen on having my wobbly bits out and my modesty covered up by just a tiny paper thong, especially in front of a stranger, but she put me at ease, and away we went! The spray tan application was very thorough and precise......cold but you’ll get that anywhere!!!

I was then given all the aftercare advice for both treatments. Bernice then packed away the rest of her kit which took no time at all.

I’m writing this review a week later and I still have a little colour left, possibly the best spray tan I’ve had.

This is a fantastic option for busy Mums like myself, in under two hours I felt super pampered and hadn’t even left the house!

For this experience and fantastic level of service you are not paying ridiculously over the odds either. The spray tan is £30 or £40 for a second layer and £30 for the Artistic manicure. Take a look at the pricelist here!

Go check out their Facebook page now for any deals and offers!!


  1. You should check out our Home beauty therapy service Mobile Beauty UK where you can ask questions, request call backs, view therapists full details suchnas diary, prices, treatments, photos and more. You can also book online where a text/email will be sent to client and therapist with all the details (this happens also when question/answer has been posted). No other company offers what we offer. Maybe you could do a write up about us, the treatment would be on us!

    1. Hi, my email address is in my 'contact me' page, so if you'd like to send me some details we can go from there!
      Emma x

  2. just read your blog on spa by car, sounds like an amazing service! wish i had one of them by me, a proper spa experiance day in your own home! hope you enjoyed it as much as i did reading it xx