Sunday, 9 September 2012

HD Brows....My First Experience

Last weekend was the first anniversary of Vanity Beauty Academy, owned by my very close friend Jo. All of my girlfriends were meeting at the salon, for a little celebration, champagne, cupcakes and pampering.

I decided to treat myself to a little pampering and have HD Brows done. This treatment, created by Nilam Patel involves 7 steps to help create ‘the perfect brow’. 

Defined brows are very popular with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, due to framing the face beautifully and making the overall look more groomed.

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I’d wanted to get this done for a while, I usually have my eyebrows waxed and tinted around every 8 weeks or so.  I don’t have unruly, bushy brows, and being fair if I have left them a while between waxing it’s not overly obvious. But I just love the look of precise, neat brows, so I couldn’t wait to get this done!

When I received the invitation for the salon open day, my eyebrows were starting to look a little straggly and untidy, so I figured it was a great time to try the treatment. Although after hearing a few horror stories about threading, one of the steps in this treatment, I was a little nervous!

After a quick catch up with my besties and a little glass of Champagne, Sare introduced herself and asked me to follow her to the treatment room.  She immediately put me at ease, asking me how dark I’d like to go, I explained I do like my brows fairly dark but being naturally fair, I don’t want unnaturally dark. Sare suggested a light brown mixed with grey for a slight ashy tone, she explained that my brows naturally have a good shape, but they could do with being slightly longer.

Sare started by tinting my brows, no Vasaline round my brows as you’d expect with a regular tinting. She tints the whole area, making the hair easier to see when threading. After removing the tint she waxed the straggly hairs under the brows and a very small amount between the brows as she’s encouraging me to grow the middle ends between the brows.  Next Sare started threading above the brow, creating a more defined arch.  This was the part I was most nervous about, but it didn’t hurt at all. Sare then tweezered out a couple of stray hairs before creating more shape by pencilling the brows. The treatment ended with a little aftercare advice and a cooling cream applied as I was a little red. The redness had reduced after a couple of hours, nothing a pair of sunglasses can’t cure in the meantime!

The whole treatment took around 30 minutes and cost £20.

I love the result, my eyebrows look so polished and they are the perfect, shape and shade for me. I already own the HD Brows Palette which I use to fill them in and define them further.

Sare also does Vintage inspired hair and makeup, with my love of 50’s Hollywood Glamour I can’t wait to book an appointment!!


  1. your brows look lovely. im still yet to try hd brows but i really want to soon x

  2. Your brows look great! I would really like to try this, but I just have so, so little brow to start with! x

    1. It will still make a huge difference, if you check out Sares FB page which I've linked, there's a before and after pic with a girl who had practically no eyebrows to start with, they now look amazing!! xx

  3. Ooh I like! I've only recently been hearing about HD brows (a little late to the party!) I have only had mine tinted once or twice before so I'm not sure if it's for me or not! :) Yours do look good though, you can really see the difference! x

  4. I have such thin brows ..and my nieces and daughter/son tease me about not having any. So it was nice to walk through vicariously with you. When I've tried they always seem to dark or not shaped evenly. So would love to see more kits and tips, and giveaway's. (Not sure if you do them in U.S. I'm in North Carolina. Anyway...thanks for sharing your experience...i thank you...

    1. Ha I'm sure they are not that bad! Have you ever had them tinted?

  5. I’m glad you decided go for it, Emma. It looks amazing on you! It really has a huge transformation, not only to your eyes, but to your facial proportion as well. I’ve seen different celebrities, and even my friends doing it, so I decided to make a go for it. And you know what, I never regret that decision. :-)

    Stela Dimitrov