Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ok so here goes, my first beauty blog. I’m starting with my ‘must haves’ . I apologise for the old, used bottles/containers etc, as this is a brand new blog I am literally showing you the stuff I use every day so it’s all well used!! The photos aren’t great either, maybe a new camera is needed. Anyway here goes.........
 I’ll start with what I use to cleanse with and a few of my favourite bits out of my make up bag.
I’ll start with my Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash/mask.  I think the RRP is around £3.50. I love this stuff, it works amazingly for me. It feels so fresh on the skin, it really feels like you’re getting a good cleanse out of it. With other face washes I’ve felt like they don’t really give you a deep cleanse, you’re just skimming the surface.  Using  this my skin feels so fresh after!
When I use this as a mask rather than use the same product twice, I’ll use a good exfoliator to cleanse with. I’ll talk about which one next.
The other face wash that I love equally to this is Origins Checks and Balances, absolutely love this one too. It has a delicate hint of mint to it which smells so fresh and clean. This one is around £15 so a little more pricey! Worth it though!!

As for an exfoliator it has to be Origins Never a dull moment, this smells divine from the crushed Papaya. It claims to dissolve lacklustre skin cells and leaves your skin feeling radiant. I really believe it does. If you feel your skin needs a bit of a pick me up, feels a bit dull then give this a go. Gorgeous! At £23 it’s not cheap but you won’t be using it as often a cleanser and a little goes a long way!  
Ok so on to the makeup, my favourite part!!  My all time favourite foundation is MAC studio Fix, I would say it’s a medium coverage, it gives me a flawless finish without looking caked on.  At the moment I have shade NW25, although I should have gone with my usual shade of NW20, I was being a little optimistic thinking I could get away with a darker shade, although I am a fair, natural redhead!! Lol!! So I only use it when I’m out for a night out as I can get away with it, which I’ll do this weekend out with the girls!! The RRP is around £19.50. I have the studio Fix powder too which I like however for what it does I think you can get away with a cheaper brand as I just use it lightly to set the foundation.
For Bronzer I use MAC bronzing powder in Medium, I love this as it give a natural sunkissed look, its not an orangey colour. It doesn’t look fake.

As for my all time fave eye shadow its MAC pink Freeze (RRP £9), its a pearlised soft pink, I just love it as its a fresh summery colour (although I do tend to wear it all year round lol). Anyway colour is totally person choice for your colouring etc, but Mac eyeshadows in general are fantastic, very little is needed to be applied, a couple of sweeps of the brush and you have more than enough to cover the lid and the colour lasts all day without creasing. Some shadows I’ve  used, just haven’t had the pigment and don’t last. I’ll go into that a bit more when I mention products I didn’t feel worked for me.

Ok for the lips it has to be Mac’s Dervish lipliner, RRP £10.50 and my all time favourite lipgloss (ever) is Dazzle Glass in Babysparks, RRP £14.50. LOVE it!!! I’m very much a pink girl, Dervish is a nude natural pink/brown, Baby Sparks is a very glossy beautiful natural soft pink with very subtle violet glitter running through it. May sound a bit much but it’s fine for day time, it just looks very glossy and plumps the lips. I wouldn’t say it last any longer than any other lipgloss, it’s purely the colour and gloss factor for me!! Oh and the lips must be primed with Cherry Carmex lip balm!! (Eeekk I couldn’t find my Dervish liner for a photo, I think my baby girl may have been through my bag again!!)

Ok for not wanting to sound like I have shares in MAC and royalties for every time I mention them, I shall divert away!! I’m not so keen on their mascaras so for me it’s YSL Faux Cils in Black which is around £17 or L’oreal’s Volume Million Lashes also in black, around £8. For me it’s gotta be volume over length and these are perfect!! Love them!
We’ll that’s it for the moment I think. I have plenty more but I don’t want to bore you on my first post!! Next I’ll be talking hair and teeth!!


  1. I love cherry Carmex too - there is no better lipbalm in the world than this stuff! I will have to invest in that YSL mascara, I bought a cheapy Maybelline one but I'm not loving it.. xx

  2. My new mascara just got delivered - YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils - oh yeahhh! xx

  3. Loving the YSL mascara - that is now a staple in my make up bag. Thanks Emma! xx