Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beauty Insider Q&A - Katie Jane Hughes

Hi guys, this is a post I’m have been super excited to get out to you!! Eeeeppp!!! Anyway, if you follow me on  Twitter  you may have noticed I’ve mentioned a few times that I had some great ideas for the blog....well this is it!!!
I’m starting a regular Q&A with the girls and guys within the beauty industry.

Last Saturday at TOWIB I met the head makeup artist of FashionistA Cosmetics Katie Hughes, I also met Vivo Cosmetics head makeup artist Karla Powell. Both created some stunning looks for us, showcasing both brands. Meeting these too extremely talented women has inspired me so much to get back into working with makeup again. The reasons why I don’t anymore is a whole other story (and probably quite boring), which maybe I’ll leave for another post!!
Anyway, this got me thinking! I’m sure the majority of my followers are beauty junkies or new to makeup and are looking for tips, tricks and reviews, amongst you there maybe some aspiring Makeup Artists that would like an idea of how to get involved in this glamorous industry!

So, what better way than to get an insider view from the girls as the top of their profession!
Starting with the gorgeous Katie Hughes, celebrity manicurist and FashionisA Cosmetics Head of Makeup.

1. How did you begin your career as a makeup artist?
I have always been so interested in makeup and what it can do, so just out of school I took a few classes here and there... But the bulk of my skill coma from assisting other artists on big jobs etc

2. What is a day in the life of Katie Jane Hughes like?
One day I could be doing makeup for a look book, next day could be a fashion story... And then working with celebs too... That's the beauty of this job most jobs are different. That's one of the reasons why I love it.

3. What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Every job is a highlight (really) as I get paid to do what I love... If I had to single out one thing. It would be that I'm the make up artist for FashionistA, I have been given a platform to show an share my knowledge with others...

4. Which celebrities makeup are you loving right now?
Oh gosh that's hard, I love Olivia Palermo and her makeup, Kelly Rowland and defiantly Beyonce... Ooo oh and j,lo she so beautiful... (I love them all) although I do not favour Christina Agularia or Lyndsey Lohan make up...

5. What are your top 3 products you can't live without?
Kit: Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer, FashionistA brown eye pencil (amazing as a cheek contour) yes really! And a pallet of cream colours as I could use them for eyes lips cheeks if I want to...
Personal makeup bag: black gel eye liner from FashionistA, EOS lip balm and bronzer...  The new Vivo ones amazing!

6. What 3 staple products should every girl have in their makeup bag?
Black kohl pencil, good red lipstick and lip balm...

Thank you so much Katie for sharing this with us!! Take a look at Katie’s blog katiejanehughes and make sure you catch all her tips and tricks on the FashionistA  You Tube Channel and Tweet her!!

FashionistA Cosmetics are an exciting new range which brings Catwalk Style to the highstreet. The range includes, gel eyeliners, lip plumping glazes, custom palettes, magnetic nail polishes and so much more! This is available in selected Superdrugs. I will be doing a review very soon!!!
Next I'll be chatting to the gorgeous Karla Powell !!

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  1. Loved this Q&A with Katie, I will add on Twitter, you tube etc. Can't wait for the next one xx