Monday, 31 October 2011

Temporary Secretary!! Beautiful Jewellery Girls!!

Yesterday evening I stumbled across the fabulous website with the most, fun, vintage inspired, kitsch jewellery I have ever seen!!!

I found it while taking part in Twitter #bbloggers chat, I started to follow Sarah after the odd Tweet, then I discovered she had a jewellery website. Being the little magpie that I am, and ever so slightly nosey, I had to take a look!!!
I just want to point out that I have no association with this website, nor have I been sent any jewellery pieces, I simply just fell in love with the beautiful, affordable goodies!!! Prices range from £2 to £25!

I love the quirky pieces, such as the miniature teacups, sewing machines, cupcakes, telephones, cameras , but my 3 favourites bits so far are the Welcome To Wonderland necklace, the Keep Calm and Carry On necklaces, Turquoise Bird Ring and the Green Princess Ring
As well as necklaces, rings, earrings,  brooches, Sarah makes hair accessories, cutely named Hair Candy, you’ll also find the cutest stationary sets!!

If you liked the beans on toast ring that Katy Perry recently wore, check this out !!!

You can also order a ‘Lucky Dip’ where you pay £10 for 5 Items or £20 for 12 items!! How cool is that,  you’d be so excited to receive the package and see what goodies have been picked for you!!

You also must take a look at Sarah’s blog , she won the A/W Look Magazines Blog Competition in October!!!

So I just want wanted to share this with you in time for Christmas, I know I’ll be hinting heavily and I REALLY hope my husband is reading this post!!!!!!


  1. Such a cute site! Thanks for the link! x

  2. I love her blog and store too!


  3. I love her stuff too and her blog is gorgeous AND shes so beautiful and nice... god dont you hate people like that! Only playing, she has some great stuff and I will definitely be ordering some! xxx

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