Friday, 7 October 2011

My Beautiful Pink Shoes!!!......Have to go!!

Today is a bit of a sad day, It’s the day I’m putting my beautiful pink Gina shoes up for sale on Ebay! I treated myself to these with money I got for my 21st Birthday.

I was working for Aveda in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge at the time, so my Mum and Auntie met me in London after a shift in December 2003. The day had gone sooooo slowly as I was just super excited about being let loose in the Gina store!

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Finally 5pm came and we set off for the Sloane Street boutique.  I was totally in love with the store itself, the chandeliers , the beautiful arm chair which I was later to sit on while choosing the perfect shoe for me! The assistant was a real sweetheart, very helpful and friendly and made the experience a fun one!
She asked me what I was looking for, I had no idea really. I knew the shoe would find me, it would stand out a mile saying “Buy Me, I’m beautiful”.....Ok, so the shoe didn’t exactly talk to me but as soon as I saw the stunning magenta satin, bow detailed peep toe, sling back....That was it, I was in LOVE!!

Of course as expected in a designer store, there were no prices to be seen!  So when the sales assistant told me they were £280, I wasn’t overly surprised, in fact for these beautiful works of art I was happy with the price.  They were slightly more than the amount I’d been given for my Birthday, but I’d been working hard as a beauty consultant, I was young, free and single......What better way to spend my money, right??

While working in London, I’d met some great people, had a lot of fun and been to a few clubs, enjoying singledom! Although in this time I’d worn my beautiful hot pink heels only twice. That was 8 years ago. I’ve held on to these shoes for sentimental reasons really, as well as them being the most beautiful pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.  I like to look at them every now and again and think about my glamorous, cosmopolitan life in London!

So I’m now a married Mother of two beautiful children, I feel it’s time some other girlie girl should enjoy these stunners! I hope they go to a good home!

Don’t get me wrong girls, I’m in no rush to give up heels and I fully expect to get a pair of Louboutins for my 30th (next Dec), they’ll just be slightly more practical....err by being black!!

These will be mine!!!!
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Oh and don’t worry you won’t see me caught dead in a pair of Clarkes or Crocs any time soon!!


  1. I hold onto shoes for sentimental values too. There's something about shoes and selling them. It always seems really sad! They're gorgeous though. The Louboutins will be yours ;) xx

  2. You are stronger than I am. I wouldn't be able to let go! xx

  3. My first pair of 'expensive' shoes went on eBay a few weeks ago... not even expensive really, just some Irregualr Choice, but they were the first shoes I'd bought for myself that weren't from New Look or something. I think a pair of Loubs for my 30th is an idea I'm going to steal as well!

  4. Still think you should keep them! x x