Monday, 13 February 2012

I need my LUSH Fix!!

My Lush Jar is running low, I only have the dregs from my Christmas bits!

So on Saturday when I met up with my blogging besties StaceyLaura for TOWIB, we grabbed a bite to eat at Nandos, then Laura and I had a little wander around Covent Garden.

Oh course we had a browse in MAC and Space:NK, but I’m trying to curve my makeup spending, yes I desperately want Angel Lipstick but I have a gazillion lippies!
So instead we made our way to Lush, we both needed a Lush fix!!

I picked up a Space Girl, Lush describe these smelling of Grapefruit and bergamot, but to me it just smells of Palmer Violets!! Gorgeous!!

I also picked up a comforter, this one smells of Ribena and childhood in a bubble bar! Lush say ‘the Comforter wraps you in a fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm’.....lovely!!!

And then quite possibly the best Lush product EVER, the Dragons Egg bath ballistic! It is so fragrant, bursting with citrus scents which linger in the air long after you’re out!! You can get a good two baths out of this ball. When I first ever used this, I had a pleasant surprise!!

I chucked the ball in to my running bath, it fizzed and rolled around creating a milky moisturising foam which smells divine! As the ball is so big and seemed to be bobbing around for so long, I decided to take it out and save it for another bath!

I couldn’t wait too long, the next day I was eagerly waiting the kids bedtime so I could relax in the bath. As soon as I started running the water I threw in what was left of the Dragons Egg, it was still coated in the delicious smelling white coating with a pop of pink and orange coming through, but after around 10 seconds it cracked open to reveal a vibrant golden filling which smelt amazing!!! When I immersed myself in my hot golden bath it felt so luxurious, the water was now a beautiful shimmering orange colour which smelt amazing, it was....well.......LUSH!!

With my Dragons Egg, some pampering products and a glass of red wine....I was in heaven!!!
So my Lush Jar is looking a little fuller, but I may have to drop some hints for Valentines Day tomorrow, I'd love the Lush Legends Gift Set!........Ha at £100 I'll be lucky!!


  1. I LOVE Dragons Egg, definitely my favourite bath bomb ever!

  2. Loving the wine at the side of the bath...perfect addition to any Lush product! I love Dragons Egg too. The smell is just fabulous! xx

    1. Haha if I had a magazine and a bit of chocolate, it would have been perfect!! xxx

  3. Me and you are too alike! I love the Dragons Egg too, it's my fav so far! It feels so luxurious! xxx

    1. Haha we are aren't we!! Love it so much!! xxx