Monday, 11 July 2011

Bronze Ambition *£1* Fake It Don't Bake It.

Ok, girls (and boys) a couple of weeks back I told you about the Poundland beauties I bought. I got the Bronze Ambition Instant tan, which I did a post about. I also got the Fake It Don’t Bake It self tan. I’ve now used it and surprisingly I think it’s fab!!!
I was sceptical as I’ve had some orangey/streaky bad experiences in the past, so for something so cheap, I didn’t have high hopes!! However It’s lovely, it is a very natural colour, and I actually manage to cover my whole body.....Streak free!!!!

It’s not as strong in colour as some self tans, I would describe it as slightly darker than a gradual tanner, maybe day 2 using Garnier Summer Body! However if you’re pale like me you only need one layer!  I did one layer all over and I was really happy with the colour, it looked so natural. The day after I was shopping in Tescos and the check out girl asked if I’d been on holiday as I looked like I had a really nice colour!! That made my afternoon, so that night I put an extra layer on my legs. Not a good move, for me it looked too dark and I managed to get patchy feet. So the one layer was enough as it was so natural.  

The formulation is great, it’s quite thick, rubs in and dries quickly so I didn’t have to hang around in the nud for too long! Lol! It has the same scent as the instant tanner, which I love. 

I’ve had this on since Friday night, and it’s lasted pretty well. Today it’s started to fade on my arms and where my elbows are quite dry, they still look dark. It’s not a great look, but that’s obviously not all down to the product, but my dry skin, so I can’t complain!

Now, I don’t know the ins and out and the science of products and what ingredients are good and bad, all I really know is natural/organic is good and parabens are bad.

For £1, I’m not expecting it to be fair trade, organic, the packaging 100% recycable. I wasn’t even expecting it to be that good, but that’s one thing it is!! I’d highly recommend this.
I’ve not taken any pics of myself as I forgot to take before shots, so you’ll have to take my word for it!! It’s great stuff!!

For those of you who don’t have a Poundland nearby, visit the website It’s a little more expensive on line, but still a bargain!


  1. £1?! Wow, that's amazing! I'm a pale girl too and a tanning virgin haha but if it can't do any harm for a quid :) xxx

  2. Give it a go Daisy, you can't go wrong for a quid!! Lol x x

  3. I'm gonna have to pop in to a pound shop to give this a try! Great review xx