Friday, 15 July 2011

Budget Cosmetic & Jewellery Haul!

Today I went on a bit of a budget shopping trip......... where did I go first?! Primark of course! I can never find clothes in there I like, although I do like the jewellery and I thought I’d have a look at the cosmetics. I wasn’t expecting much, but it didn’t look too bad!
I’ve been needing an under eye concealer for a while, the Boots 17 one I have is useless, so when I saw the Ta Ta For Now Magic Undereye Concealer in Light for £2.50, I thought I’d give it a go! I love the packaging. It’s actually really good, it gives great coverage and hides dark circles so I’m happy with that! The 17 one I have is rubbish, no coverage, watery and does nothing, so this is a great improvement on that! Woo!!
I also picked up this foundation and concealer brush for £1.50!

Then I saw the Take A Brow Eye Brow Kit. It was on it’s own, opened with the eyebrow stencil missing. So as it was in this state I asked if it would be reduced, which it was £1 down from £3!  I’ve not tried it yet but I’ll let you know how I get on with it!!
In the jewellery section I saw this bangle, I’m not usually one for big colourful accessories but I thought this was quite cute and would go with a lot of outfits! Its yellow, teal, blue, red, orange and pink. The photo doesn’t really do it justice! Only £2!!

Then I headed over to Boots. I needed a mascara, and as I was on a budget shop I picked up this Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara for £2.99. It says it  ‘Supersize your lashes, super volumising mascara for big, bold lashes’.......Errrr, Nope!! It’s a barely there, very natural mascara! The brush is nice and chunky but I just doesn’t have the volume I want! Oh well, I’ll stick with my old favourites!
I then headed to Poundland to pick up my third tube on Bronze Ambition Fake It Don’t Bake it! See my review for that!! Fab stuff!!!!!!!

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